Drac Meeting Space by Gilles Clement

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The center element partially covered

Take a look at this interesting courtyard space and the center focus of the design.

So you can partially cover or completely cover the center elemet, uh, okay. I understand the complete covering to make the space accessible to seating but why the partial covering then?

fully covered

PLus if you cover for evening event, how is the lighting element used/observed/enjoyed?

Plus it’s another level, right in the middle of the gravel/stone courtyard cutting up the available space to use. Just seems puzzling to me.

Evening lighting space/element

Drac Meeting.

I need more context to come to a conclusion on this. It would be interesting to hear the client’s wishes for this space, and how the design implemented those goals.

If anyone knows anymore about this space I’d love to hear about how the design process evolved here.

This is the place to comment.

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