An Appreciation of Stone (42)

Here’s some nice stone work from a guy who was killing some time. Shameless plug coming up just about right now, the work above is by John DeVore. John and his son Nate will be here at the famous Whispering Crane Institute world headquarters. A 3-day stone workshop will take place October20th-22nd, for all the… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (42)

Request of the Stone 2008, the Release

Request of the Stone: Fall 2008 Hands-on stone workshop by the Whispering Crane Institute, October 20th-22nd near Dover/New Philadelphia, Ohio.  A real chance to learn about designing/building and working with stone. “Designers have a better understanding of design when they have the knowledge of how ‘stuff’ goes together.”   -Me, several years ago. On October 20th… Continue reading Request of the Stone 2008, the Release

The Request of the Stone: Fall 2008

I am going to be putting on a 3-day hands-on stone workshop October 20th-22nd. Three days The 1st two days will be about designing and building short retaining walls, not only functional walls but aesthetically pleasing walls. The 3rd day will focus on small boulders in the 500lb-1,500lb range. More to follow today including the… Continue reading The Request of the Stone: Fall 2008