Big News for ANLA and OFA

The big merger Members of OFA — The Association of Horticulture Professionals and the American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA) have voted in overwhelming support of the consolidation of the two organizations into a new, national trade association to serve the entire horticulture industry. The announcement on September 28 followed a 30-day open ballot and […]

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Norma Johnson Center

Driving down into beautiful East Central Ohio, you can just wander yourself right into the wilds of Tuscarawas County. There’s plenty of wide open space and rolling hills and if you work your way West of Dover on route 39 you can stop in at the Norma Johnson Center(NJC). A nature preserve and wildlife center […]

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June 6th, 1944

The story Okay I pulled this account from Blonde Housewife, who pulled it from BlackFive(dot)net I’d been looking for something to post about today and this seems the most appropiate. On a day when so many gave the last full measure for the United States of America. I pulled this from the D-Day website, some startling […]

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Industry Shortages Coming?

I always knew that the decline of the housing market was going to hurt/effect our industry for years. It’s a true game changer and there are going to be losers and survivors. I doubt there will be many outright winners. So . . .  I was reading through my ANLA forum and this letter showed […]

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Something Fishy Here

Take a look at the following story, for me it just doesn’t pass the smell test. I am not sure, but I honestly believe there is more to this than what’s here, and that part of the story is missing. The mentioning(twice) of the Cherry tree also seems suspicious we’ve planted quite a few trees […]

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Super Bowl Thoughts

No landscaping here. Well I must say it was a pretty entertaining game until the Manning interception, when the writing went onto the wall and the New Orleans Saints were to soon be the Champs of the NFL. Fun to watch, well-played and I enjoy the energy, passion and professionalism at such a high level […]

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Tidbit Time

Some odd’s and ends A new link, on the WCI Links page: Joseph Hillenmeyer is writing a really fine blog about life, work, sites, plants, and observations about the profession we both share. The difference is his perspective is from the rolling hills of Louisville, KY. It’s nice work and worth a read. Cornell update […]

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ANLA Mgmt Clinic Day 2

Well for me; so far today, spending the afternoon with Pearl Fryar was the highlight. We had a chance to reconnect and talk about some of the long ago days of giving talks on the same program for events around the State of South Carolina, some fun stuff. We got a chance to watch the […]

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ANLA Mgmt Clinic, Opening Morning

Kick-Off Well the Clinic kicked off this morning with a lively start. Norm Brodsky was the kickoff keynote and he delivered a timely message on business, employees, and customers. A couple of nuggets from the talk. “Customers remember what you do, don’t forget that.” Another one . . . “If you don’t have a life […]

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ANLA Preview

Well it’s that time of the year, offf I go to the ANLA Management Clinic in Louisville, KY. I’ve mentioned this before and will continue to into the future, this is the finest event in out industry, bar none. The best. From the educational opportunities, the networking events, idea-sessions, keynote speakers, attendees, staff of ANLA, […]

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Cornell, Apple, and the Birds

This was the monthly info sheet sent to me from the fine folks at Cornell, as always some very interesting info. Charlottesville, VA & Ithaca, NY——“BirdsEye is the best invention for birding since binoculars,” says Kenn Kaufman, renowned birder, author of the Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America and team member of a partnership […]

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