More on the Dozer, and the Mounds.

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posted; 06/13/06
It’s great to be able to get a dozer out on the site to move a lot of soil-quickly. Some of these operators are so skilled at moving soil, leveling off, prepping for drainage, etc. That when a job comes along where there are some rolling mounds involved and some interest in the topography-real interest. They are excited about the challenge(s) ahead.
The key is to create the rolling interest and at the same time make sure the berms appear differently from other viewpoints. To remove an uniformity to the berm height, width, and depth. Also, none of this burial mound look where the whole length of the mound is same in height and width.

We also want to stay away from the cliche’ of planting trees directly on the top(s) of the mound, have no lawn roll onto or over the mound, and the sides be so steep they look totally out of place.

When the lawn starts to come in I will repost this shot and the new lawn shot together, to give you an idea how this came out.

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