Professor’s Illegal Mountain Atop Building in Beijing

On the rooftop, it's illegal

This story is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Crazy acupuncturist builds a mountain villa on his apartment complex and he neglects to tell anyone about it. It’s like something you’d see in a Bond movie. Crazy mad-man villain sitting atop his stronghold in a fortified mountain villa, all the while drinking a ’56 Dom Perignon… Continue reading Professor’s Illegal Mountain Atop Building in Beijing

Large Residential Case-Study (1)

This is the 1st of several drawings on this very complicated piece of property. I am going to go through the series of drawings and rehash conversations with the homeowner. 1st problem was how to lower the drive to get into garages-especially the garage door on the right. Tight angle and tough slope. This discrepancy… Continue reading Large Residential Case-Study (1)

An Award Winner

A job I designed a couple of years ago for Enviroscapes, Inc. of Louisville, Ohio was designated the Honors winner in a commercial design category by the OLA, Ohio Landscapers Association. Enviroscapes also won a maintenance award for this project. I remember very specifically being asked to create a Japanese feel to this landscape. The… Continue reading An Award Winner

The Importance of Hardscape Design (3)

posted, 11/04/06 The journey continues, from Yesterday Coming off of the Paver patio the walk through the garden continues on the sandstone walkway. To a bridge made of antique curbstone. Pond is on far right. Fire ring area is across the bridge and double waterfalls are on the left. That mound is artificial. It was… Continue reading The Importance of Hardscape Design (3)

The Importance of Hardscape Design

Brick Hardscape Ideas This walkway/patio was one of those tricky designs on paper that you hoped would work out on the ground. It’s like I draw this to exact scale, knowing the materials we are using . . . and hoping the field guys can implement the plan correctly. I knew when I drew this… Continue reading The Importance of Hardscape Design