Large Residential Case-Study (1)

This is the 1st of several drawings on this very complicated piece of property. I am going to go through the series of drawings and rehash conversations with the homeowner. 1st problem was how to lower the drive to get into garages-especially the garage door on the right. Tight angle and tough slope. This discrepancy […]

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Brick Driveway Detail

A couple of days ago I posted on Appreciation of Stone #26, and left a link to where there were more images in my Fotki folder for this job. There was a comment about the brick detail for the drive and after reading that I decided to delve into that aspect of the job a […]

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Holmes on Homes

I’ve pretty much given up on good information from the TV Networks. DIY is not very good, mundane information presented Sesame St. style. HGTV . . . . sheeesh . . . where to start, it wasn’t very good to begin with and has gone steadily downhill, and has for presentation, well . . . […]

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An Award Winner

A job I designed a couple of years ago for Enviroscapes, Inc. of Louisville, Ohio was designated the Honors winner in a commercial design category by the OLA, Ohio Landscapers Association. Enviroscapes also won a maintenance award for this project. I remember very specifically being asked to create a Japanese feel to this landscape. The […]

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Walkway Pergola

This pergola was designed to guide visitors down a small, simple, straight walkway around to a small hidden seating area, and utility space. It was important that the pergola create some visual interest from afar because it sat at the end of a driveway. What I would like to point out about this pergola is […]

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So, what is a quick-cut saw???

posted, 09/00/06 Stihl cut-off saw This Stihl cut-off saw is often called a “quik-kut” saw or a “quickie” saw. Guys in the trade refer to these saws that way for an obvious reason-they’re fast. They get the job done quickly and for the most part efficiently. Stihl; of course, is not the only maker of […]

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Now thats a Chain-Saw !!!

posted, 09/00/06 In order to get this circle . . . The contractor was trying to get some old foundation stone circled up to create a firepit for a backyard entertaining area. Previous times we would have used a quik-cut saw with a 12″ or 14″ circular blade. Which would have meant more handling of […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (5)

posted, 08/20/06 The two photos are from a job of mine installed back in the mid-90’s in South Carolina. The stone is from Briar Hill a Stoneyard/Quarry in Central, Ohio. I have always liked Briar Hill, and will always continue to try and find ways to use it on work I design. The wall stone […]

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Hardscape Ideas

posted; 07/00/06 Here’s one for you to try, a combination of brick and stone. The small retaining wall stone is sandstone from Briar Hill. It’s a quarry in central Ohio. I have other pictures from the quarry here. This is the final product brick and stone. For fun add a 2,700 lb. bench. Comments? Questions? […]

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Ascension, more Images.

posted; 07/22/06 [Moving a small one] I posted about this project on Wednesday the 19th, and mentioned something about putting more photos online-well then go here if you have some time to kill. There are images for the drawings I completed for the proposal and many shots of the job in action, including a traffic […]

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