Sphere, searching for blogs.

posted; 06/20/06
Just wanted to make a mention of this web site. Sphere has listed me as one of the most relevant blogs for “Landscape Design”. A big thanks from me, as my little presence continues to grow on the WWW.

I will continue to try and bring relevant info on design to this site, especially in the work that I am doing. I will also try and remember to keep some more of the “trash” drawings, scan them in, and post them here. Enabling you to see the process I am going through to get to the final product/design/rendering.

I had never seen enough of the “process” in past seminars, symposium, lectures, workshops, etc., I had been to, and I feel that is important to show-“the process” through the working drawings. I am sure that will be lots more on this.

Thanks again, Sphere.

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