More on the Entrance, from yesterday.

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posted; 06/19/06
I usually do all my thinking on just black line drawings-usually just a Sharpie, red line pencil, or blue lead pencil. Those are my thinking tools. In this case I needed to throw in a little quick color and send this to the contractor of record.

So I opened up this rough plan view drawing in Paint.NET which is a handy little software deal that is free. I am assuming it is mostly used as a imaging editor, but I have used it for a lot of things. Including preparing images for Powerpoint presentations.

This is more along the line of how I think on paper, trying to come up with solutions for the space. The idea behind this 30/60 degree walkway is to create a more “dynamic” entrance into the building. Using plantings that will enhance and compliment the site, and add some seating for those that wish to linger.
A really rough sketch, this may have been one of my 1st ones-these are the ones done on cheap tracing paper and usually hit the trashcan, no one, and I mean no one ever sees these. Uhh, well . . . except you guys. This rendering is also based on the 30/60 theme.
Another for the trash can. This is the 1st of many for an entrance with several areas for seating. I would/did overlay several more sheets of trace and play/manipulate with this for awhile if I liked the way the “idea” was working.

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