Changing of the Template

posted, 08/00/06
The site looks a little different because I have switched over. Blogger is in a new mode (or something) and I am trying out the new templates/system.

It seems things went pretty smoothly, I checked the site on IE and it seemed to read pretty well, and I have been looking at it in Opera, that seems okay. Once I got everything cut-n-pasted over on the sidebar I felt pretty good. With the way they have the template set up it looks real easy to add/subtract links and other stuff-which I am going to try and keep at a minimum, I hate clutter.

The only thing I could not get to work was Google Ad-Sense, you’d think since this is a google thing thats the 1st thing they would make work right for code dummies like me was Ad-Sense. Oh well, I’m sure it is an easy fix.

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