Labels on the Sidebar

posted, 08/00/06
Specific topics.
I would think this is only as good as the poster who does the labeling.

So I have gone back through my last 50 post and have tried to identify them with labels and at the same time keep the number down to a reasonable roar. One of the new features for blogger, is that you can label the post and allow for searching. Hey! I’m trying to put out high quality stuff here . . . you know what I mean, high quality.

So I will break down into areas and try to organize that way. I would guess this would allow anyone who wants to look at; say, renderings will be able to do so by hitting that link on the sidebar.

To show you the level of sophistication I am going to here, this post will have the label stuff. That’s right stuff, as in all the stuff that has nothing to do with Landscape Design.

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