Plants; Native vs. Exotic

posted, 10/00/06
Another article about the aggressive nature of exotics vs. what was there in the native
landscape. The reason I post this article from the N.Y. Times is . . . no one is
shouting. The author give some weight to both sides-leaning to native plants, but it
is well-written and presented.

As for my view . . . I am going to hold off on posting this for a few months. I will get
into this in a much more thought out and deeper discussion. I think it would be a
great dis-service by me to discuss this in a few lines on one post.

How’s that for dodging/fence-straddling/spinning . . . . ???

One Reply to “Plants; Native vs. Exotic”

  1. lisa said…

    Hey way to ride the fence, dude! As far as I’m concerned, the arguement about “native vs. exotic” goes on and on…ad-nauseum! In most cases, it takes some probing into a plant’s lineage, as some “natives” are exotics brought here WAY back. Did you know that even EARTHWORMS are NOT native to the Great Lakes states?! I didn’t, until I read the info at this link with great interest. As for plants, I stick with my own rule of thumb-if it’s not listed on my state’s website as dangerously invasive, and it has some wildlife/bird/insect benefit as well as beauty…then I go for it!
    11:48 AM
    Rick Anderson said…

    . . . Well it is my fence . . . as I said I will get to this more this winter.

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