“It won’t kill you, unless you let a bale fall on top of you.”
  • ” It’s a good thing I had a bag of marijuana. If I had a bag of spinach, I’d be dead by now.” –Willie Nelson

One Reply to “Willie Nelson, on “Produce””

  1. 5 comments:

    Blackswamp_Girl said…

    What a great photo of an interesting, complex man…
    4:09 PM
    Rick Anderson said…

    I thought so too, I am lucky to have come across it.

    I have been a Willie fan for a long time. Probably have seen him in concert more than any other performer.
    7:09 PM
    Blackswamp_Girl said…

    Really? I have yet to see him live, and often wonder why I haven’t bought a ticket. I recently heard an interview of him on “Fresh Air” (NPR) and was struck by how well-spoken and thoughtful he was.
    10:21 PM
    anna maria said…

    I LOVE Willie Nelson. I have never seen him live, and have “just missed” his concerts twice. Ah well…
    11:01 PM
    Rick Anderson said…

    That is really too bad, because he is a great performer. I last saw him in concert . . . I’d say 4 yrs ago.

    My favorite was the Farm-Aid concert in Columbia, SC in the 90’s.

    He was last to play, and didn’t come on until about 2:00 AM, a lot of people had left, but he played as though it were a full house. With the notes of that old, beat-up guitar just hanging over Williams-Brice Stadium. Ahhhhh.

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