F Scott Fitzgerald Improved Reading List

Can you improve on F Scott Fitzgerald’s improving reading list? Fitzgerald thought he’d prescribed 22 essential books to his nurse. Uh, wow After reading this articel I came to the conclusion that I have a lot of catching up to do according to Mr. Fitzgerald from this article found in The Guardian. Then I thought about… Continue reading F Scott Fitzgerald Improved Reading List

Warren Buffet, on your Chosen Profession

This quote from Warren Buffet seems to make a lot of great sense to me, I mean how hard is it to become a expert in one field, let alone a expert in two fields. The CENTS show is coming up in OHIO, and the ANLA Mgmt Clinic is coming up in Louisville, KY. Two… Continue reading Warren Buffet, on your Chosen Profession

Edmund Burke

Saw this quote tonight, it seems to have really struck something in me. So much sadness and hate and violence, including the Cleveland woman who killed her small child by “scalding her baby to death”. I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t say I was feeling in quite the melancholy mood. “The only… Continue reading Edmund Burke

I Speak my Mind

” I cannot help but speak my mind. I speak my mind because what is happening in my mind is much more interesting than what is happening in the real World.” Interesting —- I don’t know where this is from or who to attribute it to, but I will now use it for the reason(s) past,… Continue reading I Speak my Mind