wci-chop-2.jpgIt’s great for me that I live in a area of the World where I have access to safe, clean drinking water. Not only do I have access but the odds of me running out is about the same for me as spending a weekend with Nicole Kidman in Sydney-it aint gonna’ happen.

But for others; maybe as many as 2 Billion, water is more important than just about anything. The idea of a clean, cool crisp glass of drinking water is just a dream.

I ran across a couple of new ideas to help some of those folks find, carry, store, and drink water. I hope they are able to work successfully with these tools. Every time I see ideas get pushed to the limit like this, helping people who are so desperate, I become even very thankful for my location, and abundance of water.

Yet, the Green Industry needs water badly to thrive and prosper, and yes I’ve worked where there is water in abundance, while others in this very same profession struggle with water use, and water rights. Most of us are okay now, but if we don’t plan for the future, learning to become more sustainable, and become smarter designers the future could come crashing down.

Be smart about your water use, think ahead, plan ahead, and let us be grateful for what we have, and are so lucky to have.

2 Replies to “Water.”

  1. Was wondering if you have read a book called Blue Gold? Not sure of the author. I haven’t read it myself -yet- but it deals with this subject.

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