Bloody Ivory

The real criminals are those “people” in the Asian market who somehow think they “need” ivory , , , the article c&p below Bloody Ivory An unsustainable four elephants are killed in Africa every hour for the ivory in their tusks. But while impoverished locals are enlisted to pull the triggers, it is highly organised […]

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Deer Resistance, is there Hope?

American Nurseryman chimes in on deer resistant plants. It’s not like we haven’t seen a list very similar to this before-we have, but that doesn’t mean we can’t run the list again, and again. Why, well people forget, or lose that list, or link to that list. Personally I have had a lot of experience […]

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The Singing Ringing Tree

The things I come across  The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture standing in the wind on a hill (Crown Point) overlooking Burnley, UK. From far and wide, the tree’s profile is visible on the horizon, appearing and disappearing in the mist. The tree is constructed of stacked pipes of varying lengths, orientated to lean into […]

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Norma Johnson Center

Driving down into beautiful East Central Ohio, you can just wander yourself right into the wilds of Tuscarawas County. There’s plenty of wide open space and rolling hills and if you work your way West of Dover on route 39 you can stop in at the Norma Johnson Center(NJC). A nature preserve and wildlife center […]

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Ohio Pawpaw Festival 2013

OHIO Pawpaw Festival September 13, 14, 15, -2013 About the Festival  The Ohio Pawpaw Festival is a fun-filled and educational community event celebrating one of America’s largest native tree fruits, the Pawpaw (Asimina triloba). This three-day event highlights the rich history and future possibilities of the pawpaw through delectable foods, quality entertainment, unique arts, crafts […]

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December 29th

Dear Readers Today it was 54 degrees and sunny. The cats were grateful and played outside most of the day, it was a great day to get some good fresh air and just enjoy an amazing December day. It was so great I’d have to call it a Chamber of Commerce kind of day here […]

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8.8 Quake hits Chile

The other big news here is the Tsunami racing across the Pacific as I write this. There was a 9.5(or so) in Chile around 1960 and the effects from that Tsunami were felt in California and all the way across the Pacific in the Phillipines and other spots. I also am wondering about the Easter […]

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A New Site for Cornell

Just received a message from Cornell A new site that Cornell has put together with the National Resource Defense Council(NRDC) all about birds(imagine that!). We are excited to announce that just in time for Valentine’s Day AND the Great Backyard Bird Count, The Natural Resources Defense Council  has partnered with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to […]

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