Garden of Quiet Listening, Carleton College, MN.
The Garden of Quiet listening

My passion is to create landscape gardens that evoke the beauty of the natural world, in ways that are responsive to the site, the client, and locally available materials. I call these three sources of information and inspiration the Accord Triangle. –David Slawson.

I haven’t had a Sunday stone day in awhile and thought it would be great to post this as an opposite to the starkness , and lifelessness of the previous post-well put Patrick.

I have been fortunate enough to have David teach at one of the WCI Design Forums, and hope to have that fortune again. David’s book Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens, is (my opinion) the best book on this style of Garden Design. If you even slightly consider adding elements of this style, or a devoted space this is the book.

One Reply to “An Appreciation of Stone (20)”

  1. One of his first designs was the dry waterscape at the Cleveland Botanical Garden in the 1970’s, a great designer, and greatly humble man

    That dry feature is still there isn’t it? Isn’t there a walkway through some lawn? And yes, David is about as humble as they come, I need another WCI forum to give David some space in.

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