from Dr, Ellen Rudolph

[photo courtesy Dr. Ellen Rudolph, Boab&Moon]

  • Japanese Garden Design by Yotaro Ono. The mixing of martial arts and garden design. The book list at the end is not a good one because there is no mention of David Slawson‘s Book. The Washington Post.
  • Some incredible photography, including this fantastic tree in an Hawaiian front yard.
  • More great photography from Dr. Ellen Rudolph.
  • A odds of dying chart from heart disease to death by fireworks. Yes I know it has nothing to do with landscape design but I think it’s interesting. Just as important I love the graphic presentation of the dying chart.
  • Looking to read an e-book? Project Gutenberg has over 20,000 free books to download, plus who knows what else.
  • Good info bad info, it’s all here in one article about Art in the Garden, I just cannot get over how people promote this as a new thing. Ever look at a image of Greek, Roman, or Islamic Gardens?
  • A article about birds in the Garden, and not just another article. This one is concise, to the point, and full of good info. A good piece to pass along to clients. Here’s a attaboy! for Marty Ross.

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