NYTimes snow machines

[from the NY Times]

Well here’s a new trend I didn’t see. Residential snow-making. That’s right guys are making their own snow piles, runs, hillsides, chutes, etc. I didn’t see it coming, I’ve been snowed under, this entire trend has blown right by me.

In what appears to be a blizzard of activity this hobby as taken on a life of it’s own. Creating an avalanche of new enthusiast. I mean c’mon are we serious here?!?

“Daddy I’m bored, there’s nothing to do, make me a snowhill”.

Not only that these guys have started their own forum; Snowguns.com, I read over 3,700 registered on-site. The site is new but the forum looks like it has been going strong for awhile.
After reading this article in the Times two, that’s right two things have occurred to me:

  1. That there has to be an opportunity for the residential Landscape Designer here somewhere. I hope to be snowed under by the responses, and . . .
  2. Americans have too much money.

4 Replies to “A Cold Day in Suburbia”

  1. Ha!

    I say “no harm done.”

    I think the idea is stupid, but it also seems like something I’d do.


    Oh, no harm done, I mean this is America after all, and a man’s home is his castle and all that, but really?!? I mean . . . Wellllllll, if it floats the boat, have at it. But don’t let anyone give me some snowjob about how necessary this is.

    If a guy could do that he could sell ice to eskimo’s.

  2. Snow ?

    Remind me what snow looks like, we don’t get it in the UK anymore 🙂


    Have blogged on how spring started a whole month earlier than last year, in fact it started as soon as autumn finished, I had new buds on one bush in my garden before the old leaves had blown off back in November.

    Maybe you can start one of these snow-making businesses and become a millionaire, and; you know, jet around and look at . . . . real snow.

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