There are trees we do not like.
These are trees to take a hike.
One is called the Bradford Pear.
Please don’t plant it anywhere. -RA

Trees the dancin' tree.jpg

[sent via an e-mail, she’s a real beauty!]

The other day I added some quotes from past lectures including a quote about the nasty Bradford Pear. I then received a comment from Bill over at the Giant Duck Institute, about the Bradford pear and one of Bill’s favorite’s the Norway Maple, which got me to thinking.

What are the nasty trees that no one wants or should have in the landscape? So far we got 3, because I’m adding the good ‘ole sugar maple. So, so far:

  • Pyrus c. ‘Bradford’ the Bradford pear
  • Acer saccharinum L. the Sugar Silver(0000ps! my bad) Maple-is my pick, though I also have no love for the B. pear.
  • Acer platanoides L. the Norway maple-Bill from the Giant Duck Institute.

So let’s hear it! What are your picks and why. Just click on the comments link and add your choice. When we get up to 10 . . . if we get to 10 I’ll put up a page. That way they’ll be posted.

Here’s the Squidoo page where the list resides.


Addendum on November 8th, 2007

This has become the number one post on this blog, my guess you are here because of a search engine hit on trees. here are a few more post that might interest you.

  • This post talks about voting for the worst tree, and a link to the Squidoo page where the link is.
  • “The Seven-Son Flower”(SSF), or Heptacodium miconiodes.
  • Talking about the World of Arborculture.
  • Looking to help an organization with reforestation, contact Trees for the Future, this post will fill you in on the organization.

254 Replies to “Trees We Do Not Like”

  1. I’m not sure this is a tree they didn’t like, I think it’s a beautiful tree, even if it was pruned to grow the way it did.

    Anyway – a tree NOT to plant is the Silver Maple. Grows along the top of the soil and ruins your yard.

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