Look at this hole, not just the width, but it truly looks like a bottomless pit. Maybe it does go all the way to China. Somewhere in Guatemala City, Guatemala:

crater in Guatemala City

I always have a few questions about these sort of events. How they get started, why no warning noises, how quickly they happen. As I write this I understand some sort of slide and opening occurred today in San Francisco.

A little bit of thinking on how to re-landscape the former patio area:

In a downtown situation like this I wonder how the events will unfold. I mean how the heck can/do you fill something like this in. Especially where there is not going to be a lot of money available.

I had been reading that there has been a lot of draining of underground reservoirs/lakes in Central America. Is this another example of how we are sacrificing the future for the present? How can anyone say for sure?

We are most likely facing a dire situation in our time. I’ve never been one to think that we are killing the planet, and I still don’t now. Even if the evidence(it seems solid) for global warming is truly a man-made phenomenon; it’s not the planet we are killing, what we are killing is the habitat for man to exist on the planet.



This is a shot from the landslide that happened earlier today in San Francisco, major cities on back-to-back days:

san francisco landslide

[courtesy CBS2(dot)com]

3 Replies to “Gonna’ need some New Paving”

  1. Looks like a they’ve got a mole problem. A little castor oil should send that little fella packing.

    Uh, if that’s a mole there gonna need a bigger gun.

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