Dy-nee-mite Connected to Black-eyed Susan’s

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dynamiteIn what has come to me as a shock, I have discovered a real boomer of a story. This explosive new evidence shows us that the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize, Alfred Nobel is connected to Rudbeckia Hirta, or the beloved . . . (planted almost everywhere I go), Black-eyed Susan.

You have to read this . . . it really is a blast. There is absolutely, no way, no how, nowhere else this type of info could have been bundled together and delivered in such a knockout virtuoso piece of reporting. It truly makes me pause and wonder what the World would be like with the Blog-o-sphere.

I must seriously(seriously . . . ) salute the County Clerk for a great piece of writing. From Linneaus, to Rubeck, through Nobel and his far reaching impact, all the way to the hallowed grounds of one-third of the Triple Crown, the Preakness. Writing with vigor, wit and passion the Clerk fuses it all together taking the reader for quite a ride.

This post will blow the competition (cough-cough) away. My early; and solid, leader for Gardening Blog Post of the Year.


[Gif is courtesy of the Nobel.org web-site, linked above]

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