Home and Garden Show a Success

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wci-chop-2.jpgIt appears everything went well at the Hamptons Home and Garden Show last weekend, which I mentioned last week. How could it not with tidbits like this:

Strolling outside one couldn’t help but notice the buzz at the VIP tent. Lorraine Bracco of the Soprano’s fame was spotted in there on Saturday pouring some of her delicious wine.

Or this:

Attendees enjoyed Moroccan delicacies and listen to DJ Chef spin the tunes as he prepared dessert. After a stop at the Beer Garden sponsored by the Southampton Publick House it was over to discuss deer problems . . .

Deer problems? Deer problems? okay, okay I guess the deer are everywhere.

The event rolled on through the weekend including:

While nibbling on exquisite caviar and washing it down with silky smooth Imperia Russian vodka, guests pored over the enormous silent auction displays of sports memorabilia, trips, luxury goods and, of course, diamonds. A bevy of Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes, slinky in bright red dresses with plunging necklines, were on hand cooing provocatively to encourage the bidding.

The odd part about this, is that of all the Home Shows I’ve attended or had to work my display. I don’t remember any of this stuff; Marilyn Monroe’s, Diamonds, Moroccan Delicacies(do corn dogs count?).

Though one year in Columbia, SC during the VIP pre-show party the local weatherman/celebrity was a “little tipsy“, he stepped into my display and grabbed a bamboo pole and starting swinging it at me-I picked one up and whacked him in the shoulder, he seemed dis-pleased that I wouldn’t perform for him so he left my booth.

This is the same weatherman/celebrity who thought I would landscape his yard for free if he mentioned me ‘on-air’, I politely declined.

Anyway, I guess the shows I been involved in are different, after all . . . it’s the Hamptons.

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