It’s a . . . “Walden”?

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A WaldenIt’s a tool shed, it’s a firewood storage compartment, it’s a barbecue, no wait it’s a garden shed, uh no . . . it’s a loft! That’s it, a loft . . . or a tool shed, or a storage cabinet, how about a Walden? . . . uh, never mind-you decide . . . ’cause I have no idea what it is.




Addendum: Photo of the “Walden” from Nils Holger Moorman.

2 Replies to “It’s a . . . “Walden”?”

  1. Perhaps it is ” Affordable Housing ” for San Francisco ?
    That’s about what you get for about $800.000.00 K around here.
    ( and I’m not kidding )

    That’s a lot of dough, especially considering what I paid for my little piece of Tuscarawas County. “Affordable” is definitely a relative term.

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