National Gas Price now $3.51

$3.51 for a gallon of gas, that’s the highest gas has ever been at this time in March. A .33cent increase in the last two weeks. That means for most of us it’s $50.00 bucks to fill the tank(at minimum). 😦 $4.00 When? It appears just a matter of time that gas will reach the […]

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Inflation is not only coming, it’s here. Look at these price increases over the last 6 months. Staggering Cotton = +125.7% Sugar = +82.6% Corn = +59.0% Coffee = +41.4% Rice = +40.5% Oats = +36.6% Copper = +36.1% Lumber = +33.8% Oil = +25.1% It looks like the price of decks is going to […]

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Where We Work

There I was the other day sitting between my desk/table contemplating my work, that’s when it hit me. My office space doesn’t work. I’m not happy. I spend/spent too much time bent over, especially when I was working on details . . . which is a lot of the time. It’s in those details and […]

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Cast Iron Pots; Revisited

Last week I posted about these iron pots that I had picked up at the local auction. [The pots in question. ] In the comment’s section Jonathan asked about the sizes of these pots this was my reply: I’d say they’re somewhere between 30″-36″ in diameter and a good 18″ deep. They are some good […]

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An Appreciation of Axes (1)

Usually I have some sort of an Appreciation of Stone, or this, or this . . . on the weekends, but today I am feeling appreciative of one of my favorite tools . . . My Fiskar’s ax. Over the years I have used several axes and different types of wood splitting tools and the […]

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New York Times-Wrong Again

This is so ridiculous a statement I don’t know whether to be mad or cry, or have a stiff drink-I think I’ll have a stiff drink: Landscape professionals rely on computer programs “100 percent,” most often choosing Rhinoceros or Maya, according to Mark Thomann, design director at Balmori Associates, a Manhattan-based landscape architecture firm. The […]

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It’s a . . . “Walden”?

It’s a tool shed, it’s a firewood storage compartment, it’s a barbecue, no wait it’s a garden shed, uh no . . . it’s a loft! That’s it, a loft . . . or a tool shed, or a storage cabinet, how about a Walden? . . . uh, never mind-you decide . . . […]

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So, what is a quick-cut saw???

posted, 09/00/06 Stihl cut-off saw This Stihl cut-off saw is often called a “quik-kut” saw or a “quickie” saw. Guys in the trade refer to these saws that way for an obvious reason-they’re fast. They get the job done quickly and for the most part efficiently. Stihl; of course, is not the only maker of […]

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Now thats a Chain-Saw !!!

posted, 09/00/06 In order to get this circle . . . The contractor was trying to get some old foundation stone circled up to create a firepit for a backyard entertaining area. Previous times we would have used a quik-cut saw with a 12″ or 14″ circular blade. Which would have meant more handling of […]

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