Hey folks this guy; James Sinclair, can garden, he can garden like a mad man-I ain’t kidding.

I am giving you 2 links one to his main garden page at his garden called Blackpitts(I wonder if I’ll name my garden someday), the other is to the home page where you can click on a lnk to his blog. Enjoy; and oh, don’t forget to thank me.

James you are the man.

Blackpitts Farm
Blackpitts Farm

2 Replies to “Okay Gardeners, go take a look”

  1. Thank you, Rick. You are very kind.

    Heck, think nothing of it, you got some great stuff going on there. if I ever get to England I would love to go through the gardens and hear more about how you put them together. What is the timeframe now? How many years?

  2. Oh yeah. This is a website to savor and a garden to put on the list of places I’ll probably never visit but are on the list anyway.

    Yep, I wouldn’t mind going there myself someday. That now makes about 362 places and/or people to visit in England.

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