What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

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Found out that Mr. Goldsworthy has some new installations, and a couple on new shows going on. Here’s the lowdown.

A new Goldsworthy

[Immediately tell it’s a Goldsworthy.]

I thought this little nugget was quite interesting;

For many people, Goldsworthy’s works with blood and excrement are disturbing. But the artist says he is only trying to reflect nature in all its facets. “Things like blood and urine are difficult things to work with, in that I don’t want to be gratuitously shocking,” Goldsworthy says. “But in the landscape and on farms you can’t go far without coming across something that is shitty, bloody or dead.”

What a guy.

One Reply to “What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?”

  1. Andy Goldsworthy has an exhibition of staggering and jaw dropping deliciousness at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park until January (http://ysp.co.uk/view.aspx?id=457).
    Hurry, Hurry, Hurry.
    There are more pictures (and a very brief review) on my blog page at http://web.mac.com/blackpittsgarden

    I didn’t find a damn thing a out about Goldsworthy; but, and this is a big BUTT-the garden at Blackpitts kicks ass. I don’t konow if you commented to get folks to mosey over to your space, or you commented to add something . . . but dear readers go take a look.

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