2008 CENTS Show in Columbus, Ohio (2)

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CENTS LogoA morning of educational seminars has come and gone; question is . . . am I any smarter for having set through it?

I’d say no, but the people with me would say they(and I) knew better. A few tidbits here and there made the morning worthwhile.


Joanne Kostecky who owns Joanne Kostecky Garden Design came up with these design gems;

“Design places where people want to be.” also “Architectural elements taken from the house will strengthen you design style.”

Finally this insight into her design process;

“Some of my best designs are really tough situations.”

Good examples of her work and Joanne’s design philosophy, and design style.


Bill Hendricks(Klyn Nurseries) gave a talk on vines. The 4 types

  • Twining
  • Tendril
  • Rambling
  • Rooters

Bill did a nice job of showing several different types of holders-pergolas, trellis’, arbors, fences, post, bird feeders, poles, etc. All good examples.

What did I find out? Well I need these vines in my own yard

  • Passiflora incarnata, the native passion-fruit vine
  • Wisteria f. ‘Aunt Dee’ a native wisteria with great purple color
  • Rosa ‘New Dawn’ or some other white, I need a white climbing rose

He ended with on of my favorite Frank Lloyd Wright quotes.

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but a architect can only advise his patients to plant vines.

On the the trade show portion of the event and the APLD meeting at 4:00 O’Clock from there-who knows.

3 Replies to “2008 CENTS Show in Columbus, Ohio (2)”

  1. Wisteria, yes, I love wisteria. Is the type you mention fragrant? I grew up with wisteria in my parent’s yard and I love the fragrance…..

    White climbing rose sounds wonderful also. Again, I wonder about fragrance.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I love fragrant flowers!

    Hope you enjoy the CENTS show.

    Yep, it is a fragrant variety, and even better it blooms slightly later in the spring, missing the last frost date-at least Bill says so. On the white flower there was not much mention of fragrance, maybe some one else can help me out here.

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