ANLA Management clinic logoSo tonight the annual network roundtables were held, and I decided to sit at the BLOG roundtable. Being there 1st and writing this blog made me the de-facto moderator.

There’s a laugh.

What really had me rolling was a question I was asked 4 or 5 time, and in one 5 minute stretch I was asked 3 times;

How do I find a Blog?


How do we find a blog?

I mean; wow, are you kidding me . . . . how do you find a blog? I didn’t know they were lost, or had left the room, or they were all(5or 6 million of them*) hiding under a bed, That’s some good stuff.

I was asked several other questions, the usual stuff like.

  • How many hours a week does it take?
  • Do you make any money off your blog?
  • Is it work?
  • Is it worth it?
  • I don’t like computers, can I do a Blog?
  • Where do I put my blog?
  • I’m not a good writer, can I write a blog?
  • I don’t like computers, can I write a blog?
  • I don’t have any time, can I write a blog?
  • And of course . . . the #1 question . . . What’s a Blog?

By now you have figure out that I convinced more people not to write a blog, than to write a blog.

Upon reflection-I don’t think I convinced anyone to start posting . . . maybe checking a few out including this one. But if you’re one of those and you are now reading this . . .

You probably wanna blog me over the head.

2 Replies to “2008 ANLA Management Clinic live(3)”

  1. It is hard for new bloggers no one knows about their blog and because of that no one reads or comments , and if they add their blog to most of the directories whose results are based on number of visitors then they are right at the end of the list.

    The only advice I can give which worked for my wife and I was go out and comment on other peoples blogs who have similar interests and if they make a comment try to acknowledge the comment with thanks .

    Slowly but surely you will build a community of like minded bloggers and as well as having your words or photographs read will also build a group of online friends


    Nice additions Steve, thank you for making the time to comment, I hope someone picks up on your thoughts.

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