Sandstone and Granite pavers stacked at a salvage yard.

Great Stuff

foundation-stone, barnstone

[Granite in the foreground, some old foundation stone in back.]

Here’s another look at the yard. There’s some great stuff here, and some not-so great stuff here. Do you know which is which?

slavage-yard, barn-stone, granite curbing

[Looking for a home.]



4 Replies to “An Appreciation of Stone (38)”

  1. Beautiful! I love stone, and would use it more if it was’nt soo expensive 😉 I must admit to carrying home stones everytime I’m hiking in the mountains….cheap and good exercise!

    Exercise . . . exercise . . .

  2. Hey Rick how is the poker playing going? LOL.

    I met you in Vegas at the stone conference a few years ago. My projects are progressively growing along with my crew. I am currently in chicago putting on a garden show where I have a 10 by 40 foot booth showcasing the stone that I quarry and salvage. I am interested to talk to you. I have a pond/waterfeature by a pool that I am going need to your help on. Please call or email me asap. I also want to show you a castle that I worked on in Cincinnati for 13 months. The home itself is a real masterpiece built in 1881 by master Italien carvers and of course some german masons. I am hoping to talk to you soon, and yes I am ready for it to stop raining and snowing in Ohio!

    Thank you, good blog

    Thanks for noticing, check your e-mail.

    Jason Reinhold

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