Daydreamin’ today about the good ole days of Summer.

Elephant Ears, Colocasia

[Just how big did those “Ears” get?]

Anybody else ready to look at some green? Plus they all are coming from the South so these events are 1/3 rain, 1/3 sleet, and 1/3 ice, and 1/3 snow . . . I know, I know . . . that’s 4/3rd’s.

Hey it’s my Blog.


Top it off, I am now in the middle of a creative funk with a set of steps I am designing. Should they or should they not have some seat walls attached?(mostly I think not)

However, since I am not sure they are needed at that very spot, others will think they may be needed at that spot(watch and see).

Ahhhh heck, I gotta make up my mind by tomorrow.

Stay tuned, for the classic case of steps and seats, or is that seats and steps?

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