I’m in the Top 100

Not exactly Michael Phelps territory but I’ll take it.

A site listing the top 100 Architectural blogs(International Listings), has listed me in their top 10 Landscape Blogs, about halfway down. It is a very comprehensive list of sites related to architecture and design.

To be mentioned with Land+Living, the Dirt and others on that top 10(part of the top 100) list kinda made my day.

I’ve been wanting to send a shout out for awhile . . . so thank you.

I’ll try and earn my keep.

2 Replies to “I’m in the Top 100”

  1. Hi Rick,

    Ditto wth Buckeye. I reviewed several of the listed Blogs and didn’t see much content that matched your insight on stone, design, imagination, renderings, etc…

    I’ve learned much from many of my fellow posters on your site also.

    Thanks for the uplift on our ideas.


    I’m sure those fellow posters appreciate that kind remark(even John D.) 🙂
    Thanks we’ll keep at it.
    And a big . . . oh, by the way . . . try not to agree with Bucky too much, he will become impossible to deal with.

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