Australian Landscape Designers

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Interested in how they are doing landscape work down under in the land of kangaroos, and “Shrimpo on the barbie”?

Well here you go

The Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers is a very interesting and informative website, that is definitely  worth a look.

While you’re there check out the Design Awards page for some nice work and maybe an idea or two! I am reminded of the Woddy Guthrie phrase, I’m going from memory here;

“A good artist borrows his ideas, while a great artist steals his ideas.”

I guess Woody is saying go out and grab something and then make it your own. Anyway . . .

Keep up the good work down there gang. Someday I am going to get down there and actually eat some of those shrimp on that dang barbie, have a cold one or two and take in some of that World famous Australian hospitality.

Here’s a shot from a former winner.

Residential winner from 2005
Residential winner from 2005

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