Last week Washington D.C. was in an uproar to pass the stimulus bill, it was hurry, hurry hurry-time is of the essence.

It is critical that we pass this bill immediately or there will be dire consequences.

Heck I read Senator Brown had to leave his Mother’s funeral in Ohio and fly back to D.C. in time to cast the 60th vote for passage in the Senate.

Hurry, hurry, hurry-to hell with reading it, discussing it, glancing at it . . . just vote the damn thing in, and fast.




Tuesday. afternoon . . . in Denver.

I was right before, vote the whole damn bunch out, put some others in, and if they don’t work for US, vote that whole damn bunch out!

I’m just sayin’    .  .   .   .    .    .     .     .      .      .       .       .        .        .         .         .          .           .

3 Replies to “Stimulus”

  1. Well, you know that it had to be ‘hurried’ thru, with NOone reading it and a, seeming, lack of ‘transparency’, as Nancy had a previously scheduled vacation to Italy
    Don’t know what Mr Reid had scheduled.
    This IS the ‘change’ we were awaiting.

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