Pearl Fryar on HGTV Tonite

There is a 1-hour documentary on the man considered the finest Topiarist in North America. Those “in-the-know” types all agree that Pearl is the man when it comes to topiary.

There’s always going to be obstacles. The thing you do is don’t let those obstacles determine where you go.  –Pear Fryar

I have seen this documentary before and it’s not only uplifting in regards to showing what one guy can do when he wills himself to do something . .. no it’s way beyond that.

Mr. Fryar is an extraordinary guy, and I know, I know him. Not well, but I have spent enough time with Pearl to know he’s authentic and genuine as he comes across in the documentary. The man is truly the real deal.

I lived in South Carolina for 13 years and was continually running across Pearl at this event or that event. We were even in Virginia at the American Hort. Society at the same time-we didn’t know the other was going to be there.

When, I said WHEN you watch tonite, you’ll find out Pearl is about more than a guy with some trimmers, shears, and lots of ladders.

He’s a great member of his community, a leader, a role-model, and a big influence on his neighbors.

“If people see you trying hard to achieve something, sooner or later some of them are bound to try to help you.”  -Pearl Fryar

Amongst other things he’s the tour guide and host for groups on bus tours, car tours, pilgrimages, etc. This is the Holy Grail for aspiring Topiarist.

To top it all off Pearl is now in demand as a speaker and has demonstrated and talked about his techniques internationally.

That’s some really awesome stuff for a guy who just wanted to have the “Yard of the Month”.

Mr. Fryar you are an inspiration to us all.


Addendum: For those of you with Direct TV, HGTV is on channel 229. I have a total of 5 videos on Youtube about Mr. Fryar.

Addendum Two: Please notice Pearl is a Gamecock fan and not, NOT a Tiger fan!

Gamecocks all they way
Gamecocks all they way

By Rick Anderson

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  2. Hey – he’s delightful, isn’t he? I visited his garden a few years ago – and was lucky that he was at home, outside and working. He has a contagious personality – I also was able to see the documentary during it’s opening in Charleston. He was there, with much of his family – and answered audience questions at the end of the documentary. The post I wrote about my visit to his place gets more hits than anything else on my site – and even more so since the HG-TV release. I’m thrilled for him – and what he’s all about.

    1. I remember reading that post and thinking, yep, yep, that’s just how he is. One of the most absolute genuine person you could ever hope to meet.

      I am happy for you that you caught the Charleston premiere. I’m sure that was a great evening. . . . sigh . . . how I wish I could have been there to throw my support his way.

      Thanks for sharing

  3. Mr. Fryar this is great. I believe you may have been a classmate at NCCU during 1958-1960. All of this just to get the honor of “Yard of the Month”. I find this gift of yours to be just awesome!

  4. I am here off Exit 135…can not find where to go in Bishopville…will someone please help..we drove from Florida and I would like to see his home tomorrow. Please and Thank~You!!

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