National Gas Price now $3.51

$3.51 for a gallon of gas, that’s the highest gas has ever been at this time in March. A .33cent increase in the last two weeks.

That means for most of us it’s $50.00 bucks to fill the tank(at minimum). 😦

$4.00 When?

It appears just a matter of time that gas will reach the $4.00 mark for a gallon. When this happens will the American public drastically cut back and just stop driving, which would in turn drive prices down to some degree?

Problem is, these type of prices really hurt our industry. This is a no-win story for anyone in the design, install, or maintenance side. We all lose.


The cries will go out to buy more electric cars, but electric trucks, dump trucks, mowers, skid-steer loaders etc., are a long way from electric capability. It’s impractical and pie in the sky.

The idea that electric cars are the answer is just not practical, maybe down the road but not now. And . . . btw, where is all that electric power going to come from to power those electric cars? Gas, natural gas and coal.


We need to continue drilling in the Gulf, put those folks back to work. To go after the shale oil, and to continue to use coal. The United States burns coal much more efficiently and cleaner than anywhere else in the World, and we have a lot of it.


Lets put Americans back to work, lets use what we have here, and not use what’s over there.

Let Americans create the work and the jobs. Lower the gas prices. Make us more efficient and viable.

Let’s improve our profit margins.

Let’s make America and Americans successful again. Let’s make our industry profitable, worthwhile and  fun again.

Let’s go!

By Rick Anderson

The Whispering Crane Institute was originally formed to act as the umbrella organization for the Philosophy of Design Symposium, and other seminars and workshops given by Rick Anderson and Richard L. Dube’. In the year 2000 WCI became a sole proprietorship owned by Rick Anderson. Today the WCI provides design and consultation services for Landscape Contractors, acts as a Green Industry think tank, and provides training for others in the form of workshops, seminars, and individual consulting. The WCI also provides written material, opinions, case-studies and how-to articles for industry trade magazines.


  1. Rick, be thankful you do not live in the UK where a gallon (5litres) of petrol costs about £7.00
    which is nearly twelve dollars.

    Can’t wait for decent electric/hydrogen cars.

    1. Not only decent electric cars (and trucks), don’t forget trucks! But then we have the increase in electrical usage and the increase in those prices.

      I don’t think I’m going to see hydrogen cars in my lifetime.

  2. Everybody is sick of the petrol prices in the UK, we’re all really starting to bite the bullet now. I can sense that the U.S is getting there very very slowly, however its just lucky that the U.S fuel isn’t as expensive as what our country values it at, well not yet anyway…

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