International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013

— You’ll need a translator for the site. The link is below(bottom of story). Info is copy/pasted from the site. Some of the pics of the actual plant mosiacs come from the So Bad So Good website. This is direct link to page. Funny, when I went to page for the event there were no real pics of the plant sculptures of this year.

International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013

The exhibition of horticultural art Mosaïcultures 2013 Montreal International flourish in Quebec from June 22 to September 29, 2013, at the Montreal Botanical Garden.Spectacular plant works in two and three dimensions, created by the best artists in the world horticulturists, compose an enchanting family travel circuit. The best cultural event of the summer.

International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013

About the organizer: 
International Mosaiculture Montreal (MIM)

The nonprofit corporation, International Mosaiculture Montreal was founded in 1998 to develop the first edition of the International ® Mosaïcultures at Park Éclusiers the Old Port of Montreal, in collaboration with the Department of Parks, Gardens and green spaces of the City of Montreal. Its mission is to promote the art of gardening and horticulture as an expression of the values ​​of the new millennium and a component of the urban landscape.The organization has represented the City of Montreal to the International ® Mosaïcultures Shanghai in 2006 and Hamamatsu in 2009. His works have won in both cases, the Grand Honorary Award of the International Jury and the Grand Award. MIM represent the City of Montreal to the  9 th China International Garden Expo in Beijing in spring 2013.

International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013

Brief History:

2000 – World premiere in Montreal in 2000

Theme: The world is a mosaic 
Participants: 35 cities and organizations from 14 countries 
Visitors: 730,000 (110 days)

2003 – Montreal 2003 International Mosaiculture

Theme: Myths and Legends of the World 
Participants: 51 cities and organizations from 32 countries 
Visitors: 755,000 (110 days)

2006 – 2006 Shanghai International Mosaiculture

Theme: Earth, our village 
Participants: 55 cities and organizations from 15 countries 
Visitors: More than 1 million (76 days)

2009 – Hamamatsu International Mosaiculture

Under the auspices of Prince Akishino

Theme: Symphony of man and nature 
Participants: 97 cities and organizations from 25 countries 
Visitors: 865,000 (66 days)

International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013


International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013 - Welcome

About the competition: 
International ® Mosaïcultures

The event Mosaicultures International ® is both an international competition mosaiculture an exhibition of horticultural art and an opportunity for the exchange of expertise between departments or departments of parks, gardens and green spaces in cities, provinces, institutions and countries throughout the world. Entries must reflect the culture of the participant from a predetermined while respecting the principles of sustainable development theme. The competition takes place every three years and also offers participants the opportunity to present their attractions. An international jury of renowned personalities in the field awarded various prizes to the works presented. The public is also invited to vote for their favorite work.

International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013 - Welcome

International Mosaiculture Committee (IMC)

The International ® Mosaïcultures fall within the International Committee Mosaiculture created when the first edition of 2000, held in Montreal (MIM 2000). Its mission is to promote the development and innovation mosaiculture and supervise competition in the international, national and local events and allow the radiation garden art by encouraging professional and friendly exchanges between stakeholders by mosaiculture.

International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013 - Welcome

About mosaiculture

Mosaiculture is defined as a refined horticultural art that allows the realization of real plant artistic works using mostly annual plants usually colorful foliage and sometimes, perennials. Designs, patterns, sculptures and reliefs of two or three dimensions are created and offer quintessence of colors and a wide variety of foliage. This multiple and complex ornamental art borrows from the sculpture, its structure and volume, to painting, his palette of colors and horticulture, the use of plants in a living environment, in constant transformation. We must distinguish mosaiculture the topiary that features mostly shrubs pruned to create different shapes.

via International Mosaiculture Montreal 2013 – Welcome.

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