Are There the “Worst of the Worst Landscapes”?

Bill over at the Giant Duck Institute has suggested an idea You’ve hit on the idea for a post to rival “Trees We Do Not Like”. Perhaps you could call it… “Landscape Travesties” or “Landscape Infractions”. Picture submittal s of unfortunate landscape projects perpetrated by the uninitiated. I could start you off with a few.… Continue reading Are There the “Worst of the Worst Landscapes”?

Robert Marvin

Every so often I have been fortunate enough to meet the man whose work I have come to respect and study. In this field of Landscape Design this had/has happened to me several times. Robert Marvin was one of those people. Mr. Marvin died in 2001 after getting along to the age of age 81,… Continue reading Robert Marvin

Martha Schwartz interview

I just ran across this interview in I was hoping to read a good in-depth, insightful interview. Let’s just say I was disappointed. it comes across a one of those 20 pop questions type of interviews. Not quite what’s your favorite color, instead we get . . . bookmarks? Bookmarks? Martha doesn’t have any… Continue reading Martha Schwartz interview