Tom Stuart-Smith Hits the Big Time

Tom Stuart-Smith private London Garden

Tom Stuart-Smith Takes the English Garden Global The designer works everywhere from Wisconsin to India’s Kerala. When a landscape designer gets a write-up in the Wall Street Journal you know they’ve hit the big time. This is the kind of publicity you just can’t buy. So it is the time for Tom Stuart-Smith the English… Continue reading Tom Stuart-Smith Hits the Big Time

Eastcote, Los Angeles, Delaware, Sketches, and Goldsworthy

Five very different articles in this post. Starting with a global competition for all things sketchy, a big renovation for the Eastcote House Gardens in England due to a big money influx and great news for vegetable gardeners in Los Angeles. But there’s more. A proposal for a 27 acre botanical garden in Delaware, I’ve… Continue reading Eastcote, Los Angeles, Delaware, Sketches, and Goldsworthy

The Untermyer Gardens, a New York Pairidaeza

Story from the Wall Street Journal | by Lee Lawrence ::: Part of the Story ::: According to a 1918 article in Architectural Review, the need for a privacy wall along what is now North Broadway dictated Bosworth’s approach. Rather than looking to European and Japanese models as he had for Rockefeller, he drew inspiration… Continue reading The Untermyer Gardens, a New York Pairidaeza

Spring Awakening | Dwell

A really great article in Dwell about this really well designed space in San Francisco, it worth a look for a few more pics and the res of the short article. Really well done. SPRING AWAKENING A landscape architect in San Francisco harnesses an underground water source to create a lush marshland in his own… Continue reading Spring Awakening | Dwell

The Top 10 Landscape Architecture Websites for 2013

Moleskine fun

This headline was aimed at LA’s but I know a lot of LD’s haunt the same sites and look at the same information. Even though the focus of the disciplines is different in the end we are looking for the same kind(s) of information, inspiration, and on-topic cultural themes. I am quite familiar with some… Continue reading The Top 10 Landscape Architecture Websites for 2013

Dumbarton Oaks Symposium in May

May 8th and 9th Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC is hosting their Spring symposium entitled: The Interlacing of Words and Things in Gardens and Landscapes: Beyond Nature and Culture There is a lot of talk in the opening description about how this idea of nature an culture have been discussed by a lot of different… Continue reading Dumbarton Oaks Symposium in May

LEED 100K House, more!

Yesterday I wrote about a comment thread at the 100K Leed house. Interesting commentary thread over at this website about building a $100,000 house, following LEED requirements, and the landscaping, or lack of landscaping. So a couple of folks have dropped over and added their opinion, and the debate goes on. Builders—-I’m speaking in generalities… Continue reading LEED 100K House, more!

Pierre Boitard

A interesting looking book just sold on e-bay for $1.031.00 Not bad for a 1834 book on Garden Architecture. Here’s a blurb on the listing: Pierre Boitard’s 1834 Manuel de L’Architecte des Jardins. Handsomely bound in red morocco, this very rare volume presents an unparalleled picture of every aspect of garden landscaping and garden architecture… Continue reading Pierre Boitard