Walking through a Stoneyard

Some sights from my half day walk through David Hochstetler’s layout a few days ago. New sandstone, old sandstone. Rescued sandstone curbing and walkways. Gate post galore. Great old troughs, and more. Creative Touch Landscape Supply is located on Kidron rd. Just north of Kidron, Ohio. Or just south of Ohio SR30. If you stop… Continue reading Walking through a Stoneyard

John Wall’s New $4.9 Million House

Why in the hell would I post a story about a rich NBA star buying a near $5 million dollar house in Maryland Well, this is why — Please look at the paving around, for what I am assuming is the hot-tub. Take a close look. completely unacceptable! I would never put paving around a… Continue reading John Wall’s New $4.9 Million House

Peter Schaudt Favorite Chicago Places

Checking my Google alerts for landscape architecture I came across this article in Chicago Business about Landscape Architect Peter Schaudt and his favorite designed spaces in the great city of Chiccago. It’s a terrific list with great information and insight into these spaces and this now makes this list sort of a must-see for any of us… Continue reading Peter Schaudt Favorite Chicago Places

Professor’s Illegal Mountain Atop Building in Beijing

On the rooftop, it's illegal

This story is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Crazy acupuncturist builds a mountain villa on his apartment complex and he neglects to tell anyone about it. It’s like something you’d see in a Bond movie. Crazy mad-man villain sitting atop his stronghold in a fortified mountain villa, all the while drinking a ’56 Dom Perignon… Continue reading Professor’s Illegal Mountain Atop Building in Beijing

German Baroque Water Park Makes Splash

From the Article, and links(link to park website) to the sight ::: With its Hercules statue towering above a massive water cascade, romantic gardens and castle, Germanys Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe has long been a marvel of baroque landscape design. As of last month, its also a UNESCO world heritage site. More from the article ::: The… Continue reading German Baroque Water Park Makes Splash

Spring Awakening | Dwell

A really great article in Dwell about this really well designed space in San Francisco, it worth a look for a few more pics and the res of the short article. Really well done. SPRING AWAKENING A landscape architect in San Francisco harnesses an underground water source to create a lush marshland in his own… Continue reading Spring Awakening | Dwell

My Pots, in the Winter Snow

The big snow we are getting today called me to action, grabbing the camera kind of action. Julie likes to refer to the pot on the left as the flying saucer.  Add on the snow and I now believe it looks somewhat alien in appearance. I’d like to add that the flying saucer brings great… Continue reading My Pots, in the Winter Snow

Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park

I was absolutely riveted by this perspective for a memorial park for earthquake victims in China’s Northern city of Tangshan the park will be called Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park. I can’t say it enough  . . . this conceptual really strikes me as something very powerful and thought provoking. The architects for the project are… Continue reading Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park