Warren Buffet, on your Chosen Profession

This quote from Warren Buffet seems to make a lot of great sense to me, I mean how hard is it to become a expert in one field, let alone a expert in two fields. The CENTS show is coming up in OHIO, and the ANLA Mgmt Clinic is coming up in Louisville, KY. Two… Continue reading Warren Buffet, on your Chosen Profession

ANLA Preview

Clinic 2010

Well it’s that time of the year, offf I go to the ANLA Management Clinic in Louisville, KY. I’ve mentioned this before and will continue to into the future, this is the finest event in out industry, bar none. The best. From the educational opportunities, the networking events, idea-sessions, keynote speakers, attendees, staff of ANLA,… Continue reading ANLA Preview

Another Dan Heath quote

A couple post down I mention Dan Heath’s talk about finding the sticking point, etc., plus several other great quotes from his talk. I was just made aware of another via an e-mail I just looked at. You forgot to mention one humorous quote from the Dan Heath presentation… That we are a group who… Continue reading Another Dan Heath quote