Dublin imports “cheap” Chinese granite

Cheap granite is “downright embarrassing” to Dublin – An Taisce Hey, let’s face it, the world is going to hell-in-a-handbasket. When the city if Dublin, Ireland has to import paving granite from China to fix/repair/replace walkways in downtown Dublin it’s absolutely crazy. It’s crazy!!! Isn’t there any suitable granite in Ireland? All the way from… Continue reading Dublin imports “cheap” Chinese granite

Request of the Stone 2008, the Release

Request of the Stone: Fall 2008 Hands-on stone workshop by the Whispering Crane Institute, October 20th-22nd near Dover/New Philadelphia, Ohio.  A real chance to learn about designing/building and working with stone. “Designers have a better understanding of design when they have the knowledge of how ‘stuff’ goes together.”   -Me, several years ago. On October 20th… Continue reading Request of the Stone 2008, the Release

An appreciation of Stone (41)

This is another example of great craftsmanship, skill, and pride in one’s work. [ Just spectacular handwork. ] Here’s another example from the same castle/residence. [ Stone work, it doesn’t get any better than this. ] Everyone should have a front door like this . . . shouldn’t they? Shouldn’t we? Texturing, the hand work,… Continue reading An appreciation of Stone (41)