Walking through a Stoneyard

Some sights from my half day walk through David Hochstetler’s layout a few days ago. New sandstone, old sandstone. Rescued sandstone curbing and walkways. Gate post galore. Great old troughs, and more. Creative Touch Landscape Supply is located on Kidron rd. Just north of Kidron, Ohio. Or just south of Ohio SR30. If you stop… Continue reading Walking through a Stoneyard

Dublin imports “cheap” Chinese granite

Cheap granite is “downright embarrassing” to Dublin – An Taisce Hey, let’s face it, the world is going to hell-in-a-handbasket. When the city if Dublin, Ireland has to import paving granite from China to fix/repair/replace walkways in downtown Dublin it’s absolutely crazy. It’s crazy!!! Isn’t there any suitable granite in Ireland? All the way from… Continue reading Dublin imports “cheap” Chinese granite

What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

Found out that Mr. Goldsworthy has some new installations, and a couple on new shows going on. Here’s the lowdown. [Immediately tell it’s a Goldsworthy.] I thought this little nugget was quite interesting; For many people, Goldsworthy’s works with blood and excrement are disturbing. But the artist says he is only trying to reflect nature… Continue reading What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

My Friend . . . Jim Underwood

[Jim on a mountain.] I have always been very careful with the word friend. I think most throw around the word much too casually, much too casually. I know a lot of people, have a lot of acquaintance’s, but friends-very few. My definition has, and always will be someone you can call at 3AM and… Continue reading My Friend . . . Jim Underwood

An Appreciation of Stone (21)

[Ston Wurks by Rick Anderson] To carry on the theme from earlier in the week of the Easter Island Moai. I have decided to sneak in one of my earlier stone head offerings. These early heads are scattered far and wide across the U.S. and who knows what has happened to most of these heads.… Continue reading An Appreciation of Stone (21)

The Importance of Hardscape Design

Brick Hardscape Ideas This walkway/patio was one of those tricky designs on paper that you hoped would work out on the ground. It’s like I draw this to exact scale, knowing the materials we are using . . . and hoping the field guys can implement the plan correctly. I knew when I drew this… Continue reading The Importance of Hardscape Design

Window of Opportunity

The Stonework of Machu Piccu This photo of Machu Piccu was sent to me by a colleague who has been there several times. The stone work is jaw-dropping. The Inca put these stones together by using other stones to carve the joints. Harder, smaller stones, 1000’s of hours of work to put this wall together.… Continue reading Window of Opportunity