Architect wins the Pergola Battle (part 3).

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posted; 06/03/06

This isn’t exactly what I was hoping the final pergola design would turn out to look like. I think the design of the overhead is fine, the color is fine, and the post work with the house.

My area of concern was the walls, planters, etc., do not tie in with the house, and there were going to be three ways to exit the patio. I was hoping to only get the one exit to have the observer taken along on a journey getting from the patio to the side entrance, and visa-versa. On this point I was given some latitude and it seems to be the way we are going to end up.

The architect has a lot of himself invested in the residence, and my conceptuals prompted him along to come up with some ideas to play off his house to come up with the final pergola design. The clients (who are going to live here) seemed very interested in the back and forth between all the design professionals, giving equal time to all points of view. I think they allowed all the design professional to do what they do best while at the same time imparting their wishes, and being respectful to the site we were working on.

Considering the size and scale of this job the architect and interior designer were both great to work with. Hats off to both of them. As the final plantings go in I will post more shots of this project to give you an idea how it all finishes out. The initial renderings were posted here this Spring.

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