Walking through a Stoneyard

Some sights from my half day walk through David Hochstetler’s layout a few days ago. New sandstone, old sandstone. Rescued sandstone curbing and walkways. Gate post galore. Great old troughs, and more. Creative Touch Landscape Supply is located on Kidron rd. Just north of Kidron, Ohio. Or just south of Ohio SR30. If you stop […]

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My Pots, in the Winter Snow

The big snow we are getting today called me to action, grabbing the camera kind of action. Julie likes to refer to the pot on the left as the flying saucer.  Add on the snow and I now believe it looks somewhat alien in appearance. I’d like to add that the flying saucer brings great […]

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Fireplace Possibility

I am in the middle of a project where the main focus of the backyard will be a large fireplace that we hope to have anchor one end of the patio. The fireplace will anchor the end of the patio, and serve as the main gathering space for those on the patio, also becoming the […]

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Cast Iron Pots; Revisited

Last week I posted about these iron pots that I had picked up at the local auction. [The pots in question. ] In the comment’s section Jonathan asked about the sizes of these pots this was my reply: I’d say they’re somewhere between 30″-36″ in diameter and a good 18″ deep. They are some good […]

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What’s Andy Goldsworthy up to?

Found out that Mr. Goldsworthy has some new installations, and a couple on new shows going on. Here’s the lowdown. [Immediately tell it’s a Goldsworthy.] I thought this little nugget was quite interesting; For many people, Goldsworthy’s works with blood and excrement are disturbing. But the artist says he is only trying to reflect nature […]

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Sandstone Thoughts, continued

posted, 12/00/06 The steps from a wider angle: On 12/7 I posted a close-up of the stone steps, showing some of the detail. I was after a look of strong yet informal steps that led out on to the lawn. These steps are the only way to get from the parking court and upper terrace […]

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A Front Entry Fountain (3)

posted, 11/20/06 Color rendering: markers, colored pencils on yellow trace This rendering is another take on what we had discussed last week. Especially the talk about where does the fountain belong, or not belong. This rendering shows the fountain a little further up the sidewalk with a pergola area further behind and to the right. […]

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