Rubber Sidewalks are here

posted; 07/26/06
While perusing through Yahoo news I caught this story about rubber sidewalks. The story refers to doing something with all the tires that we Americans dispose of every year. They also mention cost-3 times what concrete would be. . . that’s expensive. Especially in a commercial or municipal setting. Which would be the best use scenario.

The folks at Rubber Sidewalks in their FAQ say the cost is 1/3 more than concrete. So the numbers don’t jibe. I like the idea for sidewalks and other heavy pedestrian use areas. A great way to get rid of concrete and of course I am always up for getting rid of some concrete.

This will be interesting to follow and see where it goes. A recycled product that is better for the trees around it, and easier to walk on can’t be all bad though I need to see it in person before totally jumping on bandwagon.

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