posted, 09/11/06
The Circle in Winter

I’ve often talked about how much I appreciate the way water looks in the wintertime and how the liquid flow of the water cuts through the clean white snow.

Before I had designed my 1st firepit in this style I did spend some time contemplating how this would look in the winter- after all it’s where we live, we have to deal with the snow, and should appreciate the change of the season. Unfortunately that is something that a lot of Landscape Designers fail to do, and that’s too bad because in most of the country(World) we have 4 distinct seasons and all 4 seasons should be planned for. Besides . . . Fred would have done the same thing.

An aside; I had not contemplated the owner adding a bowl to the center of the firepit. She added this brass bowl to burn small fires in. Does it take away from the natural feel of the space-maybe. However you look at it,any Designer should remember we work for the client. Our job is to work with them, using our knowledge, the cultural concerns of the site, and the clients wishes, dreams, desires for their landscape.

And celebrate all that nature has to offer us.

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