Color Rendering of Sub-division Entry

posted, 09/11/06
Final Color Rendering for Presentation
presentation landscape drawing

[Country Club Entryway proposal drawing]

This is the drawing that will be presented at the next meeting. There is still a little detail to add to finish it out. Hopefully to make it jump off the page just a little more. The previous post on Sept. 5th, and Sept. 9th were the steps before this drawing.

By showing those very simple conceptuals we were able to grasp where the client wanted to go with the entry, the wow feeling they were after. By putting in the time on these presentation drawings a few things will happen. The excitement level has been; and continues to build, for the clients. This will allow the contractor to put together a dynamic proposal to install the work at a higher number than what was originally discussed. The drawing will also be used as a sales tool by the client to get others involved and also be used as a marketing tool until the landscape can be installed.

I should point out that this is not the entire drawing-this is a cropped copy of a digital image shot with a camera looking down over the table. So you are not seeing the entire drawing.

If you’re interested the are a lot more before shots of this project here. I believe most of the rough conceptual drawings and a lot of cropped images of the larger drawings are there also.

If everything goes well here the next big decision will be to decide on the height of the falls, and to start to get into specifics on the plant material. As you can see by the drawing we are in agreement on the form and spread of the shrubs-now we need to match based on the desired effect and the scene we are trying to create.

By Rick Anderson

The Whispering Crane Institute was originally formed to act as the umbrella organization for the Philosophy of Design Symposium, and other seminars and workshops given by Rick Anderson and Richard L. Dube’. In the year 2000 WCI became a sole proprietorship owned by Rick Anderson. Today the WCI provides design and consultation services for Landscape Contractors, acts as a Green Industry think tank, and provides training for others in the form of workshops, seminars, and individual consulting. The WCI also provides written material, opinions, case-studies and how-to articles for industry trade magazines.

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  1. 4 comments:

    Digital Art Photography for Dummies said…

    Really nice renderings. Wish I had found this for some builders I know before they started their projects.
    4:20 AM
    wildthinh said…

    i love your day i want to be a landscape designer too..any advice? 🙂
    10:03 PM
    Pooh said…

    I know what landscape designers do. (I saw Edward Scissorhands) KIDDING!! Actually, I’m a fan of gardening shows, particularly The Victory Garden. They give a garden’s history, as well as landscape explanations.
    I like some of those films you mentioned. Josey Wales, Glory…some others.
    The “Summer Snowballs” were gorgeous. I never saw that kind of tree before.
    11:03 PM
    Rick Anderson said…

    DAPFD-if you ever know any more builders-let me know.

    W.-thanks; advice: travel travel, travel, look at lots of gardens, read a lot, sit in the Natural World, find mentor(s), and never lose your curiousity . . . ever.

    pooh; good movie, good show. I have given up on most of those shows there are bad for my blood pressure.

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