posted, 09/16/06

This was a black and white line drawing I had scanned from one of my idea books, and turned into a color drawing using Paintnet. I guess what I am really doing is using several different types of mediums now when I doodle.

I have often talked about how important it is to doodle if you are in a creative field or endeavor.Doodling switches me into a total different mindset, and I’ve noticed the more I doodle-or if my doodling gets real intense-a lot of ideas begin to flow, and flow fast they do.

What’s really fun; especially when it’s late . . . like right now as I post this. Is that the World seems so quiet I can go with that quiet for one kind of thought process/ solution finder, or I can go totally opposite. Put on the headphones, crank up the music, and let it just rip.

I have actually reached the point where I can watch my right arm draw-very weird to watch. It’s like there is some sort of dis-attachment between mind and body. I guess it’s what some would call being in the zone. Heck-in my case it may be me out of the zone.

So I think that the doodling thing . . . is good. for many reasons:

  • To kill time.
  • To start the creative process.
  • To warm up for actual rendering/design work.
  • To find solutions in a quick, stress-free way.
  • To aggravate teachers (yes I was one of those).
  • Work with different tools . . . as in no pressure to draw with the pen/marker that a final drawing will be completed with.
  • Impress people who can only draw stick men and circle trees . . .

So there you have it, get busy doodling, it’s only 10 till 3:00 AM my time.

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