From the Sketchbook(12)

It’s a Oldie! About the second after I finished this page of sketches I received a phone call telling me the project went kaput. So that was that. I think I was on to something here, but, alas . . . . . Another rendering from this went nowhere. Below is a rendering for a […]

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From the Sketchbook(11)

After the previous post on Eyvind Earle I caught myself thinking about his marvelous use of putting colors together to create really magical scenes, and the next thing I know is I’m attempting(attempting) to do the same thing while watching the Cav’s game tonight. This is in a Windsor~Newton all-purpose sketchbook using Copic markers. Added […]

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Another Moleskine Page

Here’s 2 pages from the 2008 CENTS Show. It’s a lecture on stone by Gordon Hayward. A lot of his talk was showing work by Dan Snow and other stone masons/jobs/art peices up in the New England area. Whenever a image popped up that I really liked I started sketching as fast as possible and […]

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From the Sketchbook (9)

This was drawn right on site. I was interested in getting down my initial thought for the driveway and possible parking spots. The reason for all the squares for the paving is that I was either stuck on something, or I just kept drawing squares as I was daydreaming about the project. I’ve noticed that […]

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From the sketchbook (sorta’)

This was from the sketchbook(moleskine), and was done on-site so I could show the contractor what I was thinking about in reference to the space. The idea for the space was to add a waterfall and a small body of water right up near the pool’s edge. The drawing in black and white was good […]

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From the Sketchbook (4)

[ Columns, posts, supports for pergolas. ] Just some doodles out of the sketchbook. I seem to spend a lot of time considering pergola details these days. ____________________________________________________________ Addendum: 1st post with the new WordPress dashboard. it sure is different and will take some getting used to. I did like the image upload, but it […]

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From the Sketchbook (2)

The other day I posted this surreal scene in colored pencils and ink. Here’s another; same style. I think this is a little more realistic and good practice for a “job-like” rendering. [I use Berol PRISMACOLOR, and Derwent Studio colored pencils.] Hey! what can I say. I like to draw goofy trees!

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Fireplace Posibility (5)

Back in the last post we(actually it’s just “I”) were trying to pull all the previous post together about this custom designed outdoor fireplace with wood storage as part of the focal point this fireplace is to become . . . a confusing sentence I think. What I am trying to say is that it’s […]

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