It Never Happened

This addition to the deck, a new railing and walk, new set of steps, a pond and totally new landscape plantings was an eye-opener. The Inside For the homeowners it had come down to the large changes outside vs. the addition to the size of the kitchen. The drawings and estimate were put together for […]

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From the Sketchbook(11)

After the previous post on Eyvind Earle I caught myself thinking about his marvelous use of putting colors together to create really magical scenes, and the next thing I know is I’m attempting(attempting) to do the same thing while watching the Cav’s game tonight. This is in a Windsor~Newton all-purpose sketchbook using Copic markers. Added […]

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Design Principles(09)

In DP(08) I thought I was finished talking about color, or I thought I was finished sending you to sites that discuss all the great things concerning color. Well; as usual, I was wrong. Not that any of you are surprised that I was wrong. Heck you guys probably always think I am wrong about […]

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Design Principles (08)

In several previous post I went through the very elemental beginnings of my take on Landscape Design Principles. The last was how I looked at design when considering motion, and the two parts of motion; static and dynamic. Now let me turn my attention to the most discussed of all landscape design principles . .  […]

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Design Principles (07)

Let’s move a little further along my list of what I consider The 10 Basic Principles of Design. Remember this list? Ten Building Blocks to Design-Design at it’s Most Primitive 7 physical and 3 Sensory Elements=The 10 Basics of  Design Physical Elements: Point: where everything starts. Line: the connection of two points. Plane: connection of […]

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Designing an Identity

A quick landscape study for a client. This is part of a much larger conceptual idea I have for frontage in front of 3 office buildings. These 3 buildings and 2 others form a “campus like setting” that is divided by one public two lane road. 1 building on one side of the street and […]

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The Stages of a Color Rendering

A client asked me to render a redesigned boardwalk area. These are the steps I went through to make that happen. The above is a simple pen drawingdone fairly quickly, giving the client an opportunity to see what possibilities for the future may hold. Above I have kept the color rendering on top of the […]

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Long Ago Design (2)

While looking for a drawing to do a comparative analysis I found this interesting conceptual design. What I have is something very loose and “natural” on the right as opposed to something very geometric in design on the left. The Drawing The idea was giving the client a chance to look at completely opposite ideas […]

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Bartholomäus Tulip

I really appreciate finding great watercolors of good looking botanicals. The tulip below is a fine example of this style of painting. The artist is a fellow named Johann Bartholomaus Braun. Found in an album of 190 watercolour illustrations, entitled ‘Flora Picta’ ca1660. Apparently this is part of a large study documenting the garden of […]

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Design Process

Here is a look at a backyard for a couple who does a lot of entertaining, and needs the appropriate space to do just that-entertain in a highly stylized way. [Everything is new or different.] The patio is extra large to accommodate a tent for larger more formal gatherings. More on this job over the […]

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