Sandstone Thoughts

One thought on “Sandstone Thoughts

  1. 4 comments:

    Ki said…

    Beautiful walk. Love all that moss. I hope to start working on a stepping stone walkway going completely around the house so I’m always looking for good ideas and nice photos. Thanks for posting it.
    7:33 AM
    The County Clerk said…

    Good Gawd… that is “perfect”
    2:46 PM
    Emma said…

    Purdy photo.
    11:43 AM
    Rick Anderson said…

    Ki: never forget that the most important part of walkways is the base and the preparation of that base. Pro’s like to say the best part of the walk is the part we never see. Good luck.

    Hank: ‘perfect’ well, ahh, oh shucks. We’re supposed to leave some imperfection so the viewer has opportunity to search.

    Thanks, Emma.

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